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About Nedra Brown

Who Is Nedra Brown?

Hello, my name is Nedra Brown, and I am a small business owner and a student at Liberty University working towards a Ph.D. in psychology. I enjoy fashion, decorating, travel, DIY projects, and family-centered activities with my children. Juggling work, school, and motherhood can get chaotic for me at times, and finding a consistent balance between all the hats I wear can be challenging. Writing has served as a rejuvenation window for me and a hobby I love that often creates an escape after a long day. My goal as an author is to produce publications that readers will find funny, fun, unique, uplifting, and inspirational. I also want to create a realm of publications that cater to African American readers. I want my readers to see reflections of themselves, their loved ones, and their communities within the pages of my stories. The commonality all of my characters share is that they all offer teachable moments, realism, and inspiration to the reader. In contrast, the reader walks through a journey filled with comedy, social trends, supernatural components, and numerous pages that are a product of my imagination.

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The Adventures Of The Ember Clubhouse Kids: There’s Enough Room For Me And You 

The Adventures of The Ember Clubhouse kids is book one in a series filled with fun, learning lessons, and adventure. This series was created by Nedra and Gavis Brown to help children during different stages of growth and development. Gavis Brown is a catastrophe property adjuster and small business owner who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nedra Brown is a small business owner, an insurance agent

and a student. She is studying in the behavioral science field with the goal of obtaining a Ph.D in Developmental Psychology. The sibling pair has created The Adventures Of The Ember Clubhouse kids to encourage healthy development behaviors in children, aid in problem solving, and encourage children to utilize their imagination.

     After enduring our fair share of developmental issues and overcoming them it lead to a desire to share our experience to help guide those who are coming after us. It is imperative that young children learn problem solving skills to help them create healthy and productive relationships and people skills. Nedra who is a mother of 3 has helped to lead these type of discussions amongst our family and it has lead to monumental growth within our unit and we believe it will do the same for our audience. We invite you into the world of the Ember Clubhouse Adventures, welcome!

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“ Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the  tunes without words, and never stops at all”

Emily Dickinson

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Baltimore Imprint 

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Baltimore Imprint, the latest title from Nedra Brown, is a departure from her previous work. The project might have been a lengthy one, taking her a little over two years to complete, but this was one story that needed to be shared as she shares her accounts of her abusive marriage, childhood trauma, and the trauma of those around her. Detailing how she took on the trauma of another, leaving her forever imprinted. Allowing her to understand that although her experiences and imprints from a toxic relationship hurt her, it, in turn, helped her to understand those who had harmed her, a mother who had experienced abuse, and generational curses that needed to be severed. 


Illuminus is book one of Nedra Brown’s second trilogy series. Similar to the style of her debut project. Illuminus is a fictional story cultivated based on modern-day conspiracy theories. Elizabeth Smith is a Young African American woman going through transitional experiences in her career as a registered representative in the finance world and dealing with issues of racism in the workplace, the death of her mother, and loneliness. Giselle Howard is a young twenty-something navigating her way through single life, entrepreneurship, and higher education. The Illuminus society offers both women a chance at a better future, granting them and many others a lifetime opportunity, guaranteeing success elevating its inductees into the world of black excellence. Leading the inductees on a journey to abundance, elevation, and self-discovery. Success has a price, and sometimes the toll is paid in blood. 


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New titles available now 

January 20, 2023

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