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A few tips to help you protect your energy and prioritize yourself!

  1. Never allow anyone to take over the start of your day! Give your waking attention to morning prayers, meditation, and some form of spiritual practice to help get your mind aligned for the start of your day.

  2. Never put yourself in a position where you are giving the same energy to something repetitively! A person who values your knowledge who is ready for change will apply it. If someone isn't willing to do better that doesn't mean they are a bad person, because we all do better and different when we feel called to do so. ( Find a kind way to convey that you feel your advice isn't being used and that consistently revisiting the issue is causing you to feel drained).

  3. Remember you can't change the world! Never overextend or overwhelm yourself trying to extend your energy to others. Not all problems are ours to fix! If the connection feels like a project this may be an indication that you are in a connection that is unhealthy for you! We can't be everyone's therapist!

  4. Find ways to dedicate time to recharge and replenish your energy. Having a healing spirit can often cause you to feel fatigue and depletion. Recognize that some seeking your energy may require the help of a mental health professional, a doctor, nutritionists , etc. Be sure to stay in your lane and set clear boundaries. Suggest help from a professional when you asses that is a clear need. Never cross over into uncharted territory! You know what you know and you can't speak beyond that capacity.

  5. Be okay with saying " I would love to help but unfortunately today I do not have the capacity to do so due to my own needs". This may offend but you can't be concerned with misinterpretation when you know your intent is not to harm but to protect yourself.

  6. Stay away from one sided relationships. If the conversation is always about them, the help is always directed towards them, and there is no reciprocal energy the connection is not healthy! They are not looking for a friend, a partner, or a relationship, they are looking for a vessel to unload on. Don't be a human dump site! You deserve to be valued in all of your connections!

  7. Stay away from people who are driven by ego inspired behavior, for anyone operating in such a way will generate a lack of character ,consistency , and consideration .

  8. Stay away from people who only reach out to infere about what you have going on. These type of people will usually have an interrogation style of conduct. With their main goal in the connection being salvaging information about your life, blessings and next steps!

  9. Avoid people who gossip and talk down on others. People who gossip to you will almost always gossip about you! These personality types are usually phony, deceptive, nosey, envious, and the list goes on. Recognize that quality connections come with quality behaviors. Good people have good intentions, good communication, and good energy surrounding them!

  10. Always put out the kind of energy you want to attract. Low frequency relationships are draining and they always divert your focus to a negative place. Remember energy is transferred, and karma is real! Don't put out anything you don't wish to receive back! Leave the past behind and wake up everyday ready to start a new journey with an opportunity to be better than you were the day before.

  11. Never question a person's behavior. If your energy and intentions are good respect when the universe repels you from certain connections, shows you a persons true character, and sends you indication that you must go the other way. Some people can be blessings and others can be lessons. Either way we must respect what is revealed to us and keep moving forward. Remember that all things allowed in your space both good and bad is for your greater good. If God allows it trust the process and never be willing to trade your dignity, respect, or integrity for the sake of a connection. A no from the universe is a no from God! What's your can not miss you and what is not yours can not stay!

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