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The seer will always see!

The seer will always see!


This morning, I had numerous spiritual thoughts/ downloads come to me after engulfing my morning with a good and positive start. Clearing the day ahead of unwanted energy by starting my day with prayer and meditation. God revealed to me that my mantle of purpose and prosperity is currently here! One of the things that sat with me heavily is I could hear the spirit of God conveying to me that the descension of the past was necessary for the ascension of the present. I sat in a bliss of gratitude this morning as I took notice of the transitions God has blessed me and my loved ones with. Transitions that have been pushing us all to find healing, therapy, empathy, grace, abundance, purpose, and an overall existence filled with prosperity. Often when I’ve been blessed with excess the ideology of blessed used to not transcend past what I could see in the form of money and material due to my lack of understanding in the concept of blessings. This morning, I thought about the things and people I have encountered over the past few weeks and how some of my new experiences have opened my eyes to the depth of blessings I have been receiving within my life. The biggest blessing that I have become the most thankful for is the blessing of clarity.

The power of discernment has been a gift passed down throughout my lineage of strong capable women. Women who have shared the curse of heartbreak, lack, and disappointment within their environment. Although these women all knew similar traumas and tragedies, they all carried the gift of spirituality, a deep inner knowing, and the blessing of an empowered intuitive essence that has been gifted with the essence of discernment. Over the past week I have found that my spirit has felt fatigued and drained due to the experience of having too many people pulling on my energy at once. People who have approached me with the desire for advice, a listening ear, a job, relationship troubles, hidden agendas, lies, inappropriate offers seeking out my time, monitoring agendas, and the list goes on. Being someone with an empathic spirit I have found myself in a position of fatigue more often than most. Due to this mere truth, I have come to understand the importance of boundaries, giving in reasonable quantities, and withholding my energy from entities who prove themselves unworthy of an authentic connection with me. Something I’ve learned in my 36 years of living is that takers will always focus on their ability to take, and givers will generally rest and find contentment within the spirit of giving. Never really pulling back as often as they should due to the requirements of their heart and soul that is generally powered through such acts of care and kindness. As a giver I have found that my heart at times has been one of my biggest detriments because the drawback of being a giver is that you often attract takers. Selfish, disingenuous energy vampires who don’t value your connection but more so the privilege of what comes along with being connected to you and your soul!

I used to be the sort of person that found it disturbing to say the words “no” to people often feeling a nudge in my spirit that urged me to help, give, and do in all the areas I could when I could. My desire to help later transitioned into a responsibility to help that was orchestrated from a place of being someone who cared deeply for others, while having a people pleasing spirit that caused me to overextend myself in times where my cup was too depleted to pour from, yet I poured, and poured, and poured without conviction. Until I later came to realize that I often lacked the capacity to give in such large quantities because those quantities were draining me. Later I came to understand that it is ok to give, help, and advise but it should never be done in a way that leaves you depleted. I also learned that everyone who comes to you seeking out your assistance doesn’t deserve it. People will lie, plot, cheat, steal, and everything else under the sun to gain ascension and energies like that will always reveal themselves. People will deceive to receive if they feel your heart is filled with care and you're naive and can't see the truths they don't reveal. This, my friend, is where the power of discernment comes in and can be your biggest spiritual resource. God will send you an inner knowing that will reveal the plots, lies, deception, bad spirits, and insincerities hurdling around you. He will reveal to you who is truly in support of you, your fruits, and who has simply popped up with hopes to steal the fruits of your spiritual labors. Today as I mapped out my day and departed from my morning meditation, I examined how so many people from my past have been trying to reenter my life. People who gossiped about my heartbreak, laughed at the humiliation I endured within my marriage, wished tower moments over my aspirations, and didn't want to see me prevail. The irony is those tower moments didn't prevail and my business, goals, and aspirations all still came into fruition and in better forms than I could have imagined. Yet the same people who tried to block opportunities for me, made it hard for me at previous jobs, lied to me, on me, and spoke against me any chance they could have tried their best lately to reenter my life.

Phone calls inviting me out, asking me for jobs, trying to show fake support towards old endeavors I am not currently pursuing, yet when I was, they were silent, and unsupportive. Although most of these events have left me completely perplexed by the audacity of the ignorant, I feel blessed that I have remained grounded and humble, showed respect to disrespectful people, and I have been able to grasp the lessons and revelations in these experiences based on the gift of discernment. I don't feel the urge to tell the liar I know they are lying. I don’t feel my ego forcing me to tell the user they have me “fucked up" in real time for insulting my intelligence in such a way, nor do I feel the urge to gloat and shoot my enemies down for asking me for favors they don't deserve. Discernment has blessed me with the ability to see what is not shown, hear what has not been said, and the ability to feel the authentic energy dwelling within a person. Spiritual growth will have you sitting amongst fools playing the role of a fool. Not because you want to mirror their energy from a petty or false standpoint but because the spirit of God has conveyed there is no reason for you to seek validation in showing your hand because you know that God will show what needs to be shown without you having to intervene. This behavior allows you to protect your peace, keep your energy levels hydrated, and it allows you to stay grounded within your ascension process! It’s easy to match energies, but real progress prevails when you can give grace to those who you know would never reciprocate it. This morning God reminded me not to dwell in the spirit of disappointment, fear, or confusion because God will always show me what I need to see to gain clarity. This was a significant reminder that the seer will always see even when her constituents are too consumed with their misdeeds to understand she is covered by the blood, favored, and equipped with the unwavering wisdom of her ancestors! The seer will always see because the spirit of God will not allow the seer to have any other form of existence!

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